Helping businesses add accurate location information to their websites


An accurate map on your website is an important marketing tool.

Any individual, organisation or business can now add a basic one-pin marker map to their website without signing up to an online mapping vendor.

You can do this yourself – see our instructions below - or we can take the hassle away and also offer you an enhanced, much more informative map. We sort it all out for you giving you more time to sell your products and services.

At Addamap we create maps for clients every day. Whether it’s a simple branded marker map or an informative multilayer, searchable, branded map, we can provide you with an interactive map that will not only broadcast your location but also assist customers and clients by displaying additional local information (e.g. travel, accommodation), provided by you, to make their visit as stress-free as possible.



Once we create a map for you, we can also include your location in any of our Locatorys or services. Our mapping software allows you to offmaplink to your location on a map from another website or to provide onmaplinking, allowing the map to be moved from the current selected marker to other markers on the same map.


The basic ‘DIY’ map


Go to Openstreet Map, navigate to the exact location you’d like your marker pin, from the right hand sidebar select share then tick include marker, select the right hand button marked HTML and copy the code output.

Then paste the code snippet into your website's code and voilà, you now have a slippy map with the location you wish to highlight in the centre of the map.

Adding your Brand to the map

However, if you are a business you will want your brand to be visible on the map marker. Then you really have no choice but to sign up for an account with an online mapping vendor. Once signed up you can select from a variety of mapping software suppliers.



We recommend Leaflet because it has excellent online information which will assist you in creating your own basic branded map. But this all takes time and do you really want to spend time creating a map when you could be selling your products / services?

Contact Addamap today and together we can explore how adding a more informative map with your own local information to your website can help you and your customers.


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